aetherna: (chibi6)
phio_chan ([personal profile] aetherna) wrote 2015-11-20 06:11 am (UTC)

Thanks a loooooot <333
Yeah, I don't even like playing as male MC anymore, since being female MC is twice the fun! Akihiko-senpai is such a sweetheart <3333
I see, it will be wonderful if I can be hired that easy as well. I guess it's still next year, or 2 years more for me, so hopefully I can be so lucky! Yeah, well, it's an interesting field. I just don't have confidence in my skills yet since eyes are such small organs, must be very careful handling them >.<
LOL, that's sad! My parents told me to go keep it at bank. I guess it doesn't make much difference that I put it in family's account and everyone uses it to pay for bills and everything else! xD

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