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Friday 5 - Drink Up!

I am guilty as charged for only having entries for Friday 5 these two weeks, but jobs have been really demanding nowadays. Especially after I accepted a part-time job of writing articles a while ago. I couldn't even play my Persona 3 properly! That being said, here is a late version of my Friday 5. This week's topic is quite fun!

1. Favorite flavor milkshake: If you ask me few years ago, I would've said chocolate without any pause to think. But nowadays I prefer vanilla milkshake; even better when it is not too sweet. Since I'm trying to get into a healthy lifestyle (lol), I need to reduce my sugar and vanilla seems to be the best not-so-sweet taste between the three main contenders. Honorable mention to matcha (green tea) which is better as latte or frappucino instead of milkshake.
2. Favorite soda pop: It's a tie between the good ol' classic Sprite and orange-flavored Fanta. I tend to pick Sprite more often though; I buy Fanta only if I'm craving for the orange flavor more so than the soda itself. In the process of getting healthier, it's been a while since I had a date with them. :(
3. Favorite alcoholic drink: I don't drink any alcoholic drinks. But last time I tried Barley and its ice cream version. Not bad, not bad!
4. Favorite juice: O-ren-ji. Orange is practically the only fruit whose other versions I also love. Whether it's juice, cake, cookies, candy, and so on. I'm obsessed with orange flavor.
5. Favorite brand of bottled water: Tough choice. I don't drink much of bottled water because I think it's pointless. But if you consider the YouC 1000 Orange Water as bottled water, then yes I drink that once in a while as supplement.

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