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There is a real difference between the world of school and the world of work.

I graduated at the end of October 2015. After a long journey for 5 years, I am finally, officially a doctor! ...Sometimes the title does feel so heavy a burden given how empty my head is. But anyway, it marks the end of painful days of studying, scoring, assignments, exams, and everything else. It sounded impossible previously; I looked back at my posts here at this journal, how exhausting and stressed I was during this journey. I was not even sure about my final exams. Unending gratitude for everyone (and God) who supported me throughout those years.

Despite no longer titled a student, it doesn't necessarily mean I can practice my knowledge freely. I have yet to gain my official license, which can only be obtained after I pass one-year internship period at a remote area. Currently still in the process of working on that department: registration, collecting information and testimonies regarding various area, and getting ready in general. I can only hope I won't pick the wrong choice.

Besides enjoying my free time by trying to write in this journal again, browsing around at forums, replaying Persona 3 Portable for the only-God-knows-how-many-times-has-it-been times, trying to play Persona 3 FES but waiting for the USB-joystick Mom is going to send soon, watching more and more Korean drama, watching another Chinese drama, and just sleeping when I have any time left after doing all those things, I am working as a research assistant at campus. Ophthalmology is one of the fields I'm interested to study even more (though it is actually half-surgery, duh!) so I am quite happy I can get a work here. I had to send my applications few times to different people until I was finally accepted. That hit me quite hard because I didn't imagine the world of work is that competitive. It's been a great experience, though. From handling samples, taxes for the honors, and working on monthly assessment of patients' treatment. Fun work is fun.

I also recently found out the lovely feeling of making your own money. That pushed me as far as making my own PayPal account and thinking about what I can do to bring more income. Posting is one possible option, but I'm still experimenting with what I can do. I need ideas!

/me goes to that place where all brilliant ideas are produced

If you really don't know what it is... )
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Now this is supposed to be my comeback post instead of the previous one, but whatever. Spreading the love for an amazing group like 4MEN is more important!

Anyway, yeah, I returned. For now. Not sure if I will disappear soon again, but let's just enjoy the time and company we have at the moment. Nothing too stressful.

As for updates with life, well, I have recently finished the eighth semester of my medicine major. Well, technically, I just had the last exam today, but the results are not out yet. I think I did just fine to be able to pass without problem... Can't help getting nervous, but I can only wait, so I may as well enjoy my time. And with the end of semester coming, it means holiday! The best part is going to come. Because...


My parents gave me the permission and support for this upcoming trip. It is like, totally awesome sauce! Japan has always been the country I want to visit after getting addicted to its otaku culture. Although we are not able to visit Tokyo due to high cost, I am still dead sure it is going to be an amazing, unforgetable trip. I am going there with two other friends, for ten days, starting July 15th.

Lately I try not to think about the future too much. I am so close to the end of the preparation and the start of, what, a very rocky road ahead. Last year, graduation preparation, various national tests to pass before that, life decisions, internship, work, possibly more study, and so on, and so on. Too much. I will try to digest things one by one as they come closer. That will work, right? I am worried if I am too laid back, but worrying too much will not help either, I believe. And I know I can do it! I have to! Yeah! Raise the hope high!

...Or I am just that ignorant. I probably am.

Now allow me to return to my gaming world of Persona 3 Portable. That shall be discussed in another post, someday!
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More than a week without updates. Busy, busy...

The title this time is taken from my tweet a while ago when I was watching MasterChef Indonesia Season 3. I remember watching MasterChef US with a participant being blind, and she was as awesome as any other normal participants -- if not better. That was something amazing. This time I saw one of our participants being someone deaf. I thought, in cooking you need sight more than hearing, but then if he couldn't hear the instructions or not knowing when the bell ended as a sign or when he couldn't hear the voice of something boiled as you cooked it... It sure is hard. So thumbs up for both of them. So much inspiration.

Life has been busy but slightly fun, I guess. Finished with the national biology competition yesterday. Not too tired since I didn't really do much, but I enjoyed it. After all it's the last chance to enjoy the competition as official committee members; next year I'd just be a visitor who decided to help.

Today I had my first TV shooting, whee! So my church was invited to join in a Catholic discussion program on TV. A choir group was selected, and I was asked to help to play the music. We recorded the sound last week, today we recorded the people involved, haha. It was my first time being recorded for playing instrument too, not singing. Just minor make-ups and our usual clothes. Looking forward for the result!

My tablet returns to life! After letting it die for a while, I pressed the power button for few seconds and it rebooted. I was sooo happy.

And ultimately exams are coming. What have I done? I know you can guess. Seventeen lectures materials to review for the exam, and not to mention that those were superficial so I need to read textbooks too...

Life is so cool.
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My tab died. Literally. And now it caused such a strange sound that won't stop no matter what I do. Well, I haven't tried throwing it to the wall, though... And there goes my last chance of getting proper internet connection until I return to boarding house tomorrow. :P

Aside from ^ that ^ which made my day like hell, nothing big happened. I played around most of the day, even though I was planning to study after I finished my notes and an event report last night... Look at how lazy I am. This class is rather troublesome so I should be pumped in studying, but instead... It's so hard to gather motivation lately. Maybe because this is already my third year, or I'm just that lazy now. But I'm not really in mood of reading manga or watching anything... I just want to have nothing to do, to be lazy around. Bleh.

Tough week is coming. At the end of the next week there will be a biology competition for high school students my organization hosted, and I'm part of the committee again. Work, work. And preparing lectures, of course. ... Wait, 'prepare' isn't the right word, lol.
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From what is supposed to be a week, lol.

Finally the national event my batch created in name of our faculty ended last night. I'm glad it ended, and I bet my friends who had more problems felt even happier that it ended. It was quite an exhausting week for me, running here and there taking care of many things, coming home late, too tired to do anything else even though the week was free from any academic activities. There were problems here and there... But all in all it was a fun experience. It's nice to be able to do something like that once in a while.

Even so the projects didn't end there. I have another national event I'm taking part in the next two weeks, and my batch still has another social project which will take place in the next two months, I suspect. That means we'll still be busy.

Oh, well. At least I managed to watch some drama and anime, although I made no progress in continuing my Japanese and little progress in scanlating.

Last night I was thinking to return to Wordpress. Not that I'm very unsatisfied with how Dreamwidth is, but I was bored and I didn't find a theme I really like to use. I decided to go with this one ('Belledona') and too lazy to convert or export all the content here to new Wordpress. There is no easy way, lol. So I guess I'll stick to using this place~ Haven't been very successful in blogging ever since I closed my first blog, lol.

It's already Sunday, geez. I'm sad, really. Haven't done anything yet... So I'm thinking about how I'll spend my last free Sunday evening. After going to church. Nyahaha.