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I am guilty as charged for only having entries for Friday 5 these two weeks, but jobs have been really demanding nowadays. Especially after I accepted a part-time job of writing articles a while ago. I couldn't even play my Persona 3 properly! That being said, here is a late version of my Friday 5. This week's topic is quite fun!

1. Favorite flavor milkshake: If you ask me few years ago, I would've said chocolate without any pause to think. But nowadays I prefer vanilla milkshake; even better when it is not too sweet. Since I'm trying to get into a healthy lifestyle (lol), I need to reduce my sugar and vanilla seems to be the best not-so-sweet taste between the three main contenders. Honorable mention to matcha (green tea) which is better as latte or frappucino instead of milkshake.
2. Favorite soda pop: It's a tie between the good ol' classic Sprite and orange-flavored Fanta. I tend to pick Sprite more often though; I buy Fanta only if I'm craving for the orange flavor more so than the soda itself. In the process of getting healthier, it's been a while since I had a date with them. :(
3. Favorite alcoholic drink: I don't drink any alcoholic drinks. But last time I tried Barley and its ice cream version. Not bad, not bad!
4. Favorite juice: O-ren-ji. Orange is practically the only fruit whose other versions I also love. Whether it's juice, cake, cookies, candy, and so on. I'm obsessed with orange flavor.
5. Favorite brand of bottled water: Tough choice. I don't drink much of bottled water because I think it's pointless. But if you consider the YouC 1000 Orange Water as bottled water, then yes I drink that once in a while as supplement.
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In an attempt of reviving this blog, let us also bring back one of my favorite things to do when I used to write a lot (at least when I still had my WordPress blog): Friday 5! For those who do not know this 'game', every Friday I am supposed to answer 5 random questions from [community profile] thefridayfive. Super late answer for last week's questions due to various things happening in life, but better late than never, right?

1. Describe your favorite outfit. - The most favorite and comfortable combination for me is casual T-shirt with short pants. For semi-formal occasions, though, I like wearing one-piece dresses which are simple but still elegant. Not really a fan of long dresses; not that I ever used one either as far as I remember.
2. Describe your personal style. - I am mostly a casual, chic, tomboy person. So I prefer clothing or accessories which do not bring problem in me moving around. In that sense, heels and wedges can be a problem, but since I can handle them just fine so far I don't really categorize them in a "to-avoid" category.
3. Approximately how much do you spend on fashion/personal care annually? - Very funny question! The only things I can think of that fall under the category of 'fashion/personal care' are when I go to cut my hair, buy clothes, or buy shoes. Annually that may only amount to 72-96 hours total... I really don't go around that much, lol. Unless they are broken or I need to find specific thing.
4. Do you dress for yourself or for everyone else? - After choosing the design for my graduation clothes, I'd say it's for myself. I got critics from bf and his mother that it looked rather strange on me, but I enjoyed the pattern and cut because it was something different from what I (and I bet friends) normally wear. It is important to wear something others like, but at the end of the day I wear what is comfortable and compatible with my mood.
5. Give us your best fashion/personal care advice. - Eat a lot, drink a lot, and work out. That's what I'm trying to do right now, lol.
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I do wonder why we can't have all the good things in the world in this life. After all, we only live once. Mother Earth is so harsh! I have graduated and now doing a small job while waiting for international assignment, but the friendship and love department are rather in chaos.

Long story short, two of my best friends are having a cold war since months ago to the point where they have declared that they are no longer friends. I once tried to retrace the steps to find the real cause(s) behind this situation, but I was not very successful. (1) Difference in ideology of 'common' things. A acts like this, A thinks that is okay but B is offended. Vice versa. Instead of confronting each other, they keep it bottled inside like most other girls do. Therefore with one trigger, everything just exploded and could not be saved anymore. (2) Problems with bf. There seems to be discomfort with how the bf of these girls are behaving and that affects the girls. I understand we can't live in peace forever every second, but when you declare yourself as "best friends", I thought we could work out things like this. Turns out we can't. My last and only hope is that they directly say to each other, and to me, as someone who is still friendly with A and B separately, that we can no longer be friends like before. That we should move on. I need this closure so bad. Yet I can't exactly push them around to 'say it right here right now' because they are still working together for the next few months. Said it would be too awkward if we talk now. My wound is getting cold, leaving scar. I don't want to look back to this day and still in pain for not putting a proper end to this broken vase.

Love department is actually not that gloomy. I think my bf has been generally supportive in all these times. I guess I'm still learning to expect less and do more, not to hope too much so I won't be hurt or too disappointed. Yet sometimes I can't help it. It's not like I never talked it out with him, though; we did and we had improvements so I should be thankful.

"In my life, I love you more."
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There is a real difference between the world of school and the world of work.

I graduated at the end of October 2015. After a long journey for 5 years, I am finally, officially a doctor! ...Sometimes the title does feel so heavy a burden given how empty my head is. But anyway, it marks the end of painful days of studying, scoring, assignments, exams, and everything else. It sounded impossible previously; I looked back at my posts here at this journal, how exhausting and stressed I was during this journey. I was not even sure about my final exams. Unending gratitude for everyone (and God) who supported me throughout those years.

Despite no longer titled a student, it doesn't necessarily mean I can practice my knowledge freely. I have yet to gain my official license, which can only be obtained after I pass one-year internship period at a remote area. Currently still in the process of working on that department: registration, collecting information and testimonies regarding various area, and getting ready in general. I can only hope I won't pick the wrong choice.

Besides enjoying my free time by trying to write in this journal again, browsing around at forums, replaying Persona 3 Portable for the only-God-knows-how-many-times-has-it-been times, trying to play Persona 3 FES but waiting for the USB-joystick Mom is going to send soon, watching more and more Korean drama, watching another Chinese drama, and just sleeping when I have any time left after doing all those things, I am working as a research assistant at campus. Ophthalmology is one of the fields I'm interested to study even more (though it is actually half-surgery, duh!) so I am quite happy I can get a work here. I had to send my applications few times to different people until I was finally accepted. That hit me quite hard because I didn't imagine the world of work is that competitive. It's been a great experience, though. From handling samples, taxes for the honors, and working on monthly assessment of patients' treatment. Fun work is fun.

I also recently found out the lovely feeling of making your own money. That pushed me as far as making my own PayPal account and thinking about what I can do to bring more income. Posting is one possible option, but I'm still experimenting with what I can do. I need ideas!

/me goes to that place where all brilliant ideas are produced

If you really don't know what it is... )
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An update to my previous post about the problem in the country's president election. Two names associated with certain religion here made frontal statements regarding their support to the first candidate who is currently "fighting" in court. One said that this candidate is the descendant of God Himself, doing her oration in front of a mass of people. Another encouraged his people to pray to "push" God to support "truth", which he believed lies with this first candidate.

...This is so hopeless. This is why we can hardly move forward. People dwell on unimportant points way too much, and depends on the situation, they start to mix one thing and another creating bigger chaos. Religion and politic can't go together; they are just not made for each other. Acting like this makes things easily offensive, especially with the words from the lawyer team previously. And of ot has touched religion, there is high chance that they will also touch the topic of race and ethnic. Well, Chinese has been disliked since ages ago for whatever reason, being "foreigner".

I really dislike this whole issue. Why do they have to make it so complicated?!